HIRAAL Youth Center

HIRAAL Youth Center is a youth forum intended to develop for the Somaliland Youth in Somaliland, established in 2019. The center accommodates the most dedicated young women and men as well as other vulnerable and marginalized groups.

HIRAAL Youth Center Parts

Co-working Space

Our co-working spaces are designed with collaboration in mind, reserve a dedicated desk or drop in and hot-desk, and open your business up to new possibilities. The space is ready to get you started, every single day. From setting up Wi-Fi and printing service.

Event Hall

The youth will use this event hall and also the event Hall will be available for the other organizations and companies that want to conduct events, ceremonies and festivities. Therefore, it can generate good income through these events

Football Playground

Football Playground; we will establish a youth Football Academy that offers sports training to youth in order to get young football professionals. Through the academy, it will generate income. In addition, The Playground will also be rented at night time from other sportsmen

Training rooms

Host other training providing youth organizations and women do not avoid renting the hold their meeting and event will use these center training rooms and institutions and organizations able to rent training rooms will use it, so as to generate income for the center.


As a source of income and to sustain the center, the Cafeteria will provide refreshments to the center trainees, staff, and the other nearby business community and the other training centers in the area.

Medical services

Clinic empowers and supports vulnerable youth like GBV Survivors, SRH, Family Planning and STIs prevention by counseling and psychosocial support.
This room supplies adequate and first aid kit to mother and child healthcare, the small injuries and wounds during playground, referral and basic aid materials.