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our mission and visions

SOHASCO is a hybrid organization-both non-profit making, and service providing organization. The organization was established by a group of young people inspired to address the challenges faced by young people in terms of capacity building, political participation and empowerment of socieconomics of youth in Somalialnd. The experience and professional development that the founders acquired from youth related challenges coupled with their vast understanding in the NGO sector and Somaliland context inspired them to play innovative leadership roles in the youth empowerment through the establishment of this organization.


SOHASCO’s envisions the creation of pioneering youth empowerment initiatives in Somaliland.


SOHASCO’s mission is to cooperate with Somaliland Government and donors to nurture youth initiatives in 0rder to generate successful leaders that lead to a flourishing future.

Core Values


SOHASCO affirms treating all people with equal respect and as potential contributors to human rights participants and donors as well.


SOHASCO is dedicated obligation and effective commitment to serve to promote the inclusion of social, economical, and no boundaries to serve men and women.


Transparency and accountability within the organization spheres and among the three-domain of the society (the state, private sector, and civil society) and the International community as well.

Management Team
Abdirsaq Hussein
Executive Director
2007ORG Founded
4kYouth Trained
85+Start-ups Establish
200+TVET Program

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